Taking the Cosmetic out of surgery is our ultimate goal.

Dr. Penelope Treece - Rejuvenate Your Confidence

Our Procedures

Our Procedures

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality in Cosmetic Surgery in a comfortable and private environment; with a dedicated, professional, and caring staff.
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Our Featured Patients

Our Featured Patients

Preview our body and face enhancements. Our guests experience a high-quality service and the best care through the entire process. Our work includes body, facial, and breast enhancements.
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  • Dear Treece, Thank you so much for performing the mid-face lift on me. I absolutely love the results (as well as the Radiance & Restylane) you are an awesome surgeon and a wonderful person. I am very grateful. I hope you like your gift you can exchange it if you want. I had a hard time-as nothing seemed good enough for what all you have done for me. Please call on me if you ever need someone-personally or professionally.
  • I just want to thank you for the incredible job you did on me. From the consultation to the procedure, you were wonderful. And thank you to your fabulous staff. You were all so generous & helpful that I'd do it all over again! (Even though I'm sore as heck today! haha) You really impressed me and if I know of anyone wanting cosmetic surgery, I'll be sure to telll them you're the BEST!
    Jennie Lynn Baldwin