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Facial Skin Analysis


The first time you consult with our licensed aesthetician, Angela Ugulano, she will put you in our skin analysis camera. The camera shows us what lies beneath: wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, bacteria, oily areas, dry areas, acne, broken vessel...The absolutely horrifying truth of what’s to come. So if you weren’t feeling bad enough about yourself come on by!

AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF OVER THE COUNTER REMEDIES. The good news is that we can stop it from ever surfacing. Our medical lasers and prescription skin care regimens will be designed by Angela to fit your time constraints as well as your pocketbook. Personally, I love helping patients with all this, but I simply do not have the time to give you all the attention it requires. And I need someone to treat ME (ever tried to laser you own face?). I trained Angela in depth from everything to skin pathology and conditions to the medical research proven treatments. The damage did not occur overnight, but give us your time and follow our instructions, and the camera will document the improvements.

Consult: free
Results: priceless

Clear & Brillant
Fantasy Tan

Our system uses a micro fine mist of a non-toxic sugar based solution that reacts with the amino acids on the outer most layer of skin. Wehave many different “colors” that can be mixed to match your skin tone—no orange oompa loompas!

You should exfoliate 24 hours BEFORE your tan and moisturize thoroughly. The tan will darken over 8 to 12 hours so you should not shower during this time. It generally lasts 7 to 10 days. Using our SUN self-tanners will even extend this time. SUN is brown colored so you can see where you are putting it to avoid streaking. I like to mix ½ SUN and ½ Defining Gel and apply to freshly showered skin, avoiding the knees, ankles and elbows. Our Defining Gel helps to smooth and firm the skin. I just love it when I get two things accomplished at once.

We all know that our beloved sun is bad for our skin. Besides the Cancer risk, it causes aging and wrinkles. Take vitamin D supplements (the sun helps us make vitamin D and since we are all avoiding the sun, we need a little D added) and still feel sun-kissed with the best tan ever from Southern Aesthetics.

Publication1IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It is not a laser but a broad spectrum of light energy and the technology exists in many forms. We apply filters to the light to narrow it down to a specific wavelength appropriate for your skin type. Then we can treat the brown spots, melasma, freckles and age spots anywhere on the body. Its great for the face, neck, hands, arms—anywhere you have ugly brown patches. It also improves the overall tone and clarity of the skin treated. There are MANY different wavelengths needed for different kinds of browns (freckles, melasma, age spots, scars…) So when you get IPL, make sure those treating you are aware of this and have the capability to deliver the correct wavelength on your specific skin type.

melasma 1

You will likely need more than just one treatment. Treatments may be purchased individually or packaged, depending on what you require. Also, if you have sun related pigmentation, or hormonal pigmentation- it can come back! We can help you prevent this, but you may need re-treatment.


We use a laser specifically designed to treat the redness, rudiness or rosacea, tiny broken vessels, poikiloderma and “flushed” appearance of the face. You may also have brown pigmentation which requires a different laser, but you have to start somewhere. More than one treatment will be required but we know that and sell it in packages designed to save you funds. This condition tends to re-occur so once we have it completely treated, you will likely need yearly touch-ups. LASERGENESIS LOGOThe pricing varies according to the severity, but the consultation is complementary. We need to actually analyze you skin to tell you how long and how much is required to remove this condition.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Your skin color determines which laser will be used to achieve the best hair removal, and we have 3 different hair removal lasers serve you. If you have tanned skin, the best results will be achieved when you skin is at its most natural color. Hair removal on tanned skin is not recommended. All areas of the body may be treated but multiple treatments will be needed. This is because the hair has to be in the right stage of its growth cycle in order for the laser to “kill” it. Treatment times are scheduled according to the body area treated, because hair growth occurs at different rates on various body parts. We know all this so you don’t have to worry—just come when we say for the optimal results.

It doesn't really hurt, sort of like a rubber band snapping you, but we have a freezing system to ease you through this. You should shave the area to be treated as close to your appointment time as possible.

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microdermabrasionStill a skincare staple,

Microdermabrasion has stood the test of time. Painless and no downtime (you will leave a little pink), it polishes the skin to perfection. We use medical equipment and crystals to remove dry skin and improve circulation and oxygenation, so it’s NOT the microdermabrasion you get in your neighbor’s house or the beauty salon. Even so, you may find us less expensive. Caution: this therapy can worsen redness and broken vessels. Our licensed aesthetician will first assess your skin to make sure this is the best therapy for your skin type.

Rate: $45

Long Lovely Lashes
Skin Tightening and Wrinkles