Meet the Staff

Southern Aesthetics Medical spa is a complement to the central practice, providing skin and body care that surgery cannot suffice. “For years I had tried every lotion and potion and facial on the market and finally decided I would put my degree in Chemistry to work. How are you supposed to know which product or procedure is best to address what issue?” In 2000 Dr Treece created Southern Aesthetics to answer just these questions for herself and her patients. “In committing to all this research, I was most astounded at how many toxic, cancer-causing ingredients are in our daily skincare
office group picroutines. How can this be? These harmful ingredients are included at the FDA approved amounts, but think about how many products have them, from your shampoo to your makeup. Then think about the amounts you use over your lifetime.” Dr. Treece and Southern Aesthetics want to change this.

All products and treatments are pharmaceutical grade and designed and combined to get optimal results with as little downtime as possible. “We thoroughly test every product and Laser before we purchase it-on ourselves-so you can rest assured that what we offer the best of everything. We are constantly involved in market test studies and if we can’t find a product we want, we have it made. I think we should look as young as we feel, or, as I get older, looking young is just the goal! All this is a full time job and requires a village, so I’m grateful to have a caring team.”

Our Team is trained to serve you to the utmost: whether you’re seen for a concerning medical condition or a pampering massage. Most of the staff have undergone the procedures my patients seek and are a great resource. Since they have been through all upon which you are about to embark, they understand and are here to help. As medicine becomes more and more impersonal these days, you will find this Team refreshingly informative and down to earth.